Thursday, June 5, 2014

Luts'k- Week 8!-- May 12, 2014

So much has happened!
First off HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! I loved being able to Skype with you and it feels like it was just yesterday that I last talked with you...but then that's because it was! ha ha. Just think next time I talk with you it will be Christmas and then in about 13 days I will be home! less than two weeks! (I better stop counting or else I might tell you how many milliseconds that would be;)
Anyway...Last Wednesday I told you all that I was in a trio again however that was very short lived. On Thursday I got a call from President Lattin telling me that I would no longer be in a companionship with Sisters Henrichsen and Wind. Instead I would be companions with Sister Цімбал (Tsimbal) a native Ukrainian! She had originally been called to serve in the Nova-Sibersk Mission, but when things started heating up in Russia the Native Ukrainians were pulled back into Ukraine and dispersed throughout the missions there. So...she went into the Donetsk Mission, and when that was closed all of the missionaries there went into the Kyiv Mission to await their reassignments. And Finally she came into the L'viv Ukraine Mission on Friday. So on Friday we got on a 3 1/2 hour buss ride fro Luts'k to L'viv got Sister Tsimbal and then took a train back to Luts'k Friday evening.
Then on Saturday we went to the baptism for the Elders investigator Diter! It was amazing! Even more so because he is from Germany! The Elders have been having Skype lessons with the Elders in Germany. Then for the baptism one of the Elders learned how to preform the Baptism in German. We the Sisters sang the first two verses of "O My Father" in German! (I must say in order to know how to pronounce it properly while we were singing I did a phonetic spelling in Ukrainian because that was easier to understand) And then on Sunday he was given the gift of the Holy Ghost from a member who came down from L'viv (because he knows German). After church we had a break the fast, because last Sunday we were all in L'viv, and everyone brought something and we made Borshch. It was so good! Then I got to Skype home and that was wonderful.

All in all a super week! I can hardly wait to see what is in store for next week. I hope you all have a great day. And again...HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!
З Любов'ю
Сестра Граф
PS. This Computer won't let me attach any pictures so you will have to wait till next week. Sorry :(

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