Monday, February 24, 2014

Feed the birds...

Pictures-- 1) Cold; 2) Narnian Lampost; 3) Sunset on the City; 4) The Cemetery

L'Viv- Week 15-- December 9, 2013

L’Viv- Week 15
December 9, 2013
This has been such an eventful week!
So last week in weekly planning we decided to visit all of the parks in our area and go English contacting.  First we went to the Lichakevs'ke Cemetery, and on the way back we were able to help this nice old woman who had heard about the church!!  Next we went to Snobkivski park, where the Ukrainian Football(Soccer) stadium is. Then we went to High Castle.  There was only one wall of the castle still up, but we went up to the highest point in L'viv, but on the way up some people stopped us and put birds on us. Crazy fun experience that I'll tell you all about when we call at Christmas.  But we gave them a Book of Mormon!!! My first one to hand out!! Then on Saturday we had a member missionary day! We still had the restrictions on us as missionaries, but the members had none.  So they were able to hand out some stuff.

All in all a great week.

Cectra Graff

L'Viv- Week 14-- December 2, 2013

L’Viv- Week 14
December 2, 2013
Hi all!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!
Last week was so Crazy! All of our district made Banana Bread to take to all of the ward Members for Thanksgiving.  Which ended up being super fun. A lthough Ukrainian ovens are so much fun and the first loaf that we tried to make it ended up being both burnt and undercooked....Seems impossible, but...when in Ukraine...
And then on Saturday we had deep cleaning, which was so nice. I love when the place is clean. Although it was super hilarious to find an ax?/! under our sink.  I wonder how long and why that was there.

And then today Sister Neilsen and I went into a store, one that I went into with Sister Old's with back in August, to look for a good winter coat for her. One of the workers came over to help her and eventually said that he recognized me!  He also asked if we were missionaries, and said that he had gone to one of our English classes from a year ago!!  I was so glad that Sister Nielsen had been prompted to go and look in there!
I love you all so much and hope that you have the best week.

Sister Graff

L'Viv- Week 13-- November 18, 2013

L’Viv—Week 13
November 18, 2013
Hi Everyone!
This week has been so fun with transfers and all of that craziness. Because we are in L'viv, whenever transfers happen all the sisters who are changing get to come in and stay with us, which is always super fun getting to see them all. This transfer, we had five new sisters come in from the MTC, and now there are two sisters who came in with my group that are training!!!   I don't know if I would have been able to do that.
My new companion, Sister Neilsen, is great. On Saturday, we taught the Young Women how to make homemade bread for the sacrament on Sunday. It was GREAT! We only made one loaf and then we had fun making scones.
Then on Sunday, Sister Nielsen and I had a great Companion Study on Prayer. Then we remembered that church started at 10 o'clock instead of 11 o'clock. We laughed so hard while running to church. While we were getting there the words to a song from My Fair Lady came into my head, "Get me to the church on time!..."  Which, we did.   J
I am so happy to have had the opportunity to serve with Sister Neilsen, she is so in tune to the Spirit that it blows my mind sometimes.  I don't think there could be a better companion for me right now.
I hope that you all know that I love each and every one of you with all my heart! Never Forget that!
Love Сестра Граф

L'Viv- Week 12-- November 11, 2013

L’Viv-  Week 12
November 11, 2013

I'm staying in L'viv for my third transfer! YAY! And I get a new companion, Sister Nielsen!   She’s a sweet and spunky sister who was in my MTC Group.

We had a less eventful time this last week.  Sister Wallace was sick, so we were inside so that she could rest.  However, that gave me a chance to do many different things.  I was able to try out Grandma’s homemade bread recipe so that I can teach the young women how to make that this Saturday.  I hope that I’ll be able to translate that into Ukrainian all okay!!

Also I was able to finish reading "Our Heritage" and "Our Search For Happiness" as well as "The Pearl of Great Price".  I loved being able to simply be spiritually fed this past week and the insights that I gained were amazing. Sister Wallace is back on her feet now and our last week together is going to be great. She is getting transferred to Kmel'nits'kie (phonetically spelled) and She is Training. I honestly don't know how she or any of the other sisters did it. Because there were nine new coming into the country with me. All of the current sisters had to train. even though some of them, like Sister Wallace had just finished 
being trained themselves. So crazy and so amazing that they were able to rise to that challenge and 
simply do it.

I love you all so much.
Love Сестра Граф

L'Viv- Week 11-- November 4, 2013

L’Viv- Week 11
November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday Meghan!

Such a fun and crazy week.

Last Tuesday the other set of Sisters and Elders were in Ivano for registration, so it was only sister Wallace and I teaching English, but all turned out okay. Then on Thursday, Halloween, we tried to go and visit this less active family that lives out in a Cello, (Missionary term for nit in the city) We ended up taking an hour long Marshrutka ride and then ended getting off in the wrong town. There was however a very cool lake that they had there. We then got on another Marshrutka to try and see if we could find where they lived. So we went back over the river and were able to get off at the right stop. At the stop there was a girl on a bicycle who asked if we were the missionaries. We said that we were and she told us that she was the daughter of the woman we were trying to meet with. We were so glad that she was with us, because she then led us through some woods to get to their house. So cool!  It reminded me of the Halloween book that the little kids have that tells you how to get the perfect jack-o-lantern. We had an amazing time with them and they were then all there on Sunday!! Yay!! Then on Saturday the Branch had a Mormon helping hands and cleaned up all the piles of leaves.

Yesterday I just finished reading the book of Mormon again. I started it the beginning of this transfer. There couldn't be a more true book on the earth. I KNOW that it is true… with every fiber of my soul, and now I want to be able to tell everyone what we have.

Love Сестра Граф