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L'Viv- Week 10-- October 28, 2013

L’Viv- Week 10—October 28, 2013
Hi All,
So sorry that it has been so long since I have sent one of these out to everyone.
Last Friday we had our "Music and Lyrics". It was so much fun. At the start we showed a short video of different branch members and their first impressions of the missionaries. We then had different ward members come up and talk about each of the different points from the first lesson. This was intermixed with a song here and there. The Primary children sang "I am a Child of God," The Young Women and Sister Missionaries sang "I Stand All Amazed," we watched the film, "The Restoration" and then the Missionaries sang "A Child's Prayer" The spirit that I felt there was amazing. 
Our English practice has been amazing recently. Our senior couple taught the advanced group how to sing "I am a Child of God," which was so sweet when they sing it to all of us. This Saturday we went English contacting in Streysky Park, and it was so funny because we saw 10 different couples taking wedding pictures. I laughed out loud every time I saw a new couple.
I love you all so much and promise that I'll write more consistently
Сестра Граф

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