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L'Viv- Week 14-- December 2, 2013

L’Viv- Week 14
December 2, 2013
Hi all!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!
Last week was so Crazy! All of our district made Banana Bread to take to all of the ward Members for Thanksgiving.  Which ended up being super fun. A lthough Ukrainian ovens are so much fun and the first loaf that we tried to make it ended up being both burnt and undercooked....Seems impossible, but...when in Ukraine...
And then on Saturday we had deep cleaning, which was so nice. I love when the place is clean. Although it was super hilarious to find an ax?/! under our sink.  I wonder how long and why that was there.

And then today Sister Neilsen and I went into a store, one that I went into with Sister Old's with back in August, to look for a good winter coat for her. One of the workers came over to help her and eventually said that he recognized me!  He also asked if we were missionaries, and said that he had gone to one of our English classes from a year ago!!  I was so glad that Sister Nielsen had been prompted to go and look in there!
I love you all so much and hope that you have the best week.

Sister Graff

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