My Mission

I have been called to serve in the Ukraine L'viv Mission.
June 2013-December 2014

Ukrainian Flag
   When I originally received my mission call, I was called to serve in the Ukraine Kyiv Mission. However, due to such a large increase in number of members answering the call to serve, the Ukraine Kyiv Mission has been split and I am now serving in the Ukraine L'viv Mission. I will spend my time proselyting in the areas surrounding the L'viv area. On my preparation days I will have an opportunity to visit different areas.

Meet My Mission President 
   Daniel E. Lattin and Christine Lattin, five children, 16 grandchildren, (Ukraine L’viv Mission ); Northridge Ward, Sandy Utah Crescent Stake. President Lattin is a former counselor in the Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission presidency, stake president, stake Sunday School president, bishop, high councilor, branch president, and temple ordinance worker. Retired ophthalmologist. Born in Denver, Colorado, to John Ellis and Emma Viola Jeppson Lattin. Sister Lattin served with her husband in the Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission and is a former ward Young Women president, ward Primary president, counselor in a ward Relief Society presidency, ward Sunday School teacher, seminary teacher, ward librarian, and temple ordinance worker. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Robert Garner and Catherine Rigby Burton Lence.

Areas in Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine Temple
L'viv Oblast Church / Author: Viktor Gorbatch

Field of Sunflowers / Author BlueberryA
Learn More about L'viv:

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