Monday, December 8, 2014

October 27-- Luts'k Week 14!

Greetings everyone from Ukraine!
Well I must start this off by saying that it is still so crazy to be back! This week was somewhat slower, partially because I got a cold, but thanks to some sleep, and the Day quill, orange juice, and Chocolate that was smuggled to us by our district leader elder Newton, interspersed with calls asking if we had Herbal tea and how we were feeling, I was able to come off conqueror and win the battle against the runny nose. hahahaha So I was sick and got better and that's that. 
Luckily we were also able to still meet with some people and help them out. One of these service activities involves me fixing the rug of one of our members Baba Katya. Super fun. I'll send pictures next week, 'cause I forgot to take them yesterday.  But there is still lots of sewing to do so I'll get some next week. Other than that, not much happened. So I'll end this epistle by telling you all that I love you and that I hope that your Halloween is super exciting, and that I expect pictures of your fantastic costumes, and all of that jazz. And Don't forget to wish Meghan a Happy 23d Birthday!
З Любовю
Сестра Граф

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