Monday, December 8, 2014

December 1, 2014-- Khmel' nits' ky Week 1!

Hey all I hope that you all had a super Thanksgiving I know that I had one that I won't Forget. This week we were in L'viv to meet up with our new companions, and then out train to Khmel'nits'ky left the station at 9:45 am. The night before we had arranged with the Elder's to come and help us with our bags, because the Apartment where we were staying is on the 5th floor without an elevator. They said great and that they would be there at 9:00 to come and pick us up. The next day we are up and ready and waiting, it's 9:04 so we call the elders to make sure that they are still coming. Turns out they thought that we were meeting at the church. We said we started ferrying our bags down all of the stairs. We finally get to the bottom and the elders get there and throw them into the back of the van. We all take of and are driving like crazy down the cobblestone streets of L'viv dodging Marshchrutka's and Baba's to get to the Train Station across town. Also somehow we end up hitting every red light! We finally get there it's 9:40...So we take off running to find the right platform and car number. We're still running when the strap of the bag that I'm caring with All the Copies of the Book of Mormon in it breaks. Meanwhile we see that all of the conductors' are closing up the cars and getting ready to go. We literally jump onto the train and the Elders start throwing on our bags and as they chuck up the last one and say bye the train starts pulling out. It's exactly 9:45. We laterally made it just in time. Then of course we had the problem of getting to the right seats and storing our luggage. that's when the 3 Ukrainian Guys who were also late start making their way to wagon 6 from wagon 9. So the Conductor asked them if they could help us with our stuff. Luck for us they said yes. And then we both finally die and are able to rest for a few hours as the train does all of the work in getting us there. When we finally got into Khmel'nits'ky I started unpacking and moving in, which I was uber grateful for, and while that was going on we got cooking our Thanksgiving. Which consisted of us having French Apple Cobbler in addition to our potato's, gravy, rotissary chicken, corn, creamed spinach, and biscuits. So all in all not a bad meal. And I'm now all unpacked, And ready to get going for this final Hurrah with Sister Moffitt. And I must say it is looking to be a great last go. So have a great week and don't forget to be thankful for the things that you have and the miracles that He Sends your way. And try to look for the times when He is using you to perform a miracle for someone else. I love you all!
Сестра Граф

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