Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ivano-Frankivs'k-- Week 7! February 10, 2014

Hi everyone!!!

I hope that all of your weeks were great!

This week has been amazing! Two weeks ago President gave all of the missionaries a new Standard of Excellence, and that is to find 2 new investigators each week! And honestly that is kind of a hard thing to do in Ukraine. And the first week we tried our hardest we weren't able to get any new investigators. And it was hard to call president on Sunday and let him know. However he congratulated us because we had tried our hardest and given it our all. 

So this past week we have again been working and trying our hardest. And you know what...Wednesday we decided to go out and try tracting  Yes...Tracting! So we went to a part of the city in our area across the river near the Auto-voxsall Chose a building and went for it. There were people who didn't answer and those who did but said "Thanks, but no thanks" or "Sounds great give me a pamphlet!" There was even one woman who through her closed door yelled "Be Gone Devil!" (It was actually hilarious after we quickly went down the stairs to the next level) But in the end nobody wanted to meet and have a lesson right then.

It was getting dark by then and we figured that we would head back into center where there would be more people. So we started walking towards the Marshrutka stop. And on the way we ran into this cute little Baba and got started talking with her about who we were and why we were here in Ukraine. She sounded interested and told us to stop by sometime. It turned out that we were standing in front of her house. We walked her to her door and then she decided that she actually did have time right then to meet!!!...So that night we were able to teach her and we got one of our new investigators!!! Then on Saturday we went back to teach her again and were able to teach her and her daughter as well! New investigator # 2!!

I am so happy and grateful for the hand of the Lord in my life. And knowing that, even when your plans fall through and nothing is going the way you would have liked it to go, the Lord has a plan for us and although at times we may take a long time to get there everything goes the way he needs it to go. So that we are in the right place at the right time for HIS purposes.

I love you all so much and can hardly wait to see you all again soon!

Сестра Граф

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