Thursday, June 5, 2014

Luts'k- Week 6!- April 28, 2014

Христос Воскрес! (Kristos Voskres!) That's what we said on the streets this past week. Everyone says it to each other. You say, "Christ is Resurrected!" Or without the exclamation point. Then you say back to the person who said that to you,- "Воістину Воскрес-" (Voistinu Voskres) Indeed, He is resurrected. Level of enthusiasm variable. We said it to pretty much everyone we saw with a good deal of it. Also Best suprise of the day, looking down and seeing frosting and sprinkles on the sacrament bread. Yes. A childhood dream fulfilled by a couple of patriotic high priests and paska, the traditional Easter cake of Ukraine. So fun! Also this week we had so many amazing incounters from a nice woman giving us a Paska to another leaving her home to help us find an address so many tender mercies throughout each day. I love you all. Also I found out that i am going to be staying in Luts'k with Sister Henrichsen, and Sister Wind will be joining us in a trio! YAY!

Сестра Граф

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