Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ivano-Frankivs'k-- Week 11!-- March 10, 2014

Hey so this was more of a normal week, except thet we had Zone Conference! And it was Great!!!

Here are a few of the things that we talked about that they then recaped in this weeks Newsletter:

1. We committed to be “consecrated missionaries!” We will rise to the expectation that we are consecrated servants of the Lord. We will remember that this is the Lord’s work and that it is not about US! We will build the kingdom of God and help the members take “possession” of the work. We will be better people, better companions, and better missionaries!

2. We committed to pray harder than we have ever prayed, and expect more miracles than we ever expected! We will ask for miracles! We are going to work harder and be more patient, and build the kingdom of God in all our branches!

3. We committed to contact people with greater urgency and greater enthusiasm! We will “talk to everyone.” But we will begin doing “smart” contacting and greatly increase the effectiveness of our contacting. We will have more conversations than ever before, and make appointments to meet with people! We will use the acronym CONTACTS: 
  C - Look for clues to help us know who to talk with, and what to say! 
  O - Open our mouths! 
  N - Navigate to the Restoration 
  T - Teach and testify 
  A - We will not just get phone numbers, but we will make appointments! 
  C - Ask everyone if they know someone who would listen to our message 
  TS - Teaser/smile - we will smile, be pleasant, and respectful 
We committed to be “switched on” and focused whenever we are outside our apartments, constantly listening to the Spirit and looking for those we are to contact. 

4. We will use Preach My Gospel for everything related to this work: studying, planning, contacting, teaching, working with the branches, and everything else. 

5. We will discontinue tracting. We may still greet and talk to people we meet in a building when we are leaving a member’s apartment! 

6. We committed to make English a better “finding activity,” and will plan and attend English with the idea that we will find people there who might be baptized.

7. We committed to help the members transition into the “Work of Salvation.” We understand that we must first change ourselves, and approach the members of the branch with the understanding that this is their branch, and we are here to help them! We will work toward the eventual goal of having “missionary-present discussions!” We committed to lovingly involve members in every discussion with investigators, to help them take possession of every part of the work in their branch. We will be patient and understand that this is a work in progress - it will take a long time. We will continue to work at it! 

8. We committed to work very, very hard to get to know members better - serving them, working with them, helping them, and loving them. We will begin teaching lessons to members in their homes - especially on Family Nights! We will teach at least 5 lessons each week, and at least two of those will be to investigators - with members present.

I know that this is all possible as we follow the guidance of our leaders. And I am up to the challenge! 

Also this week my old trainer, Sister Olds, finished her mission and is home! So it was sadder, her last day was Zone Conference, and I totally cried when we sang "God Be with You Till We Meet Again" But it was the good kind of crying. =D

I hope that you all have a great week.

Сестра Граф

1. Moses!
2. Sister Olds and her companions. (left to right Sister Crane, Sister Webber, Sister Barns, Sister Snyder, Sister Olds, Sister Graff/me)
3. Love the L'viv Handmade Chocolate Factory
4. Hot Chocolate (literally) with hazelnuts
5. Strisky Park (L'viv)
6. ...


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