Hey all!
So this week has been good still working with the family who's getting baptized on the first, and as o right now things are on track for them. We also have another Investigator, she was passed to us from the Sisters who were here before us. We finally were able to get a meeting with her. She was in a село (selo, in the country) for the holidays, but now is back in the city for university. She is great, but hasn't been to church yet because she goes home on the weekends, to the село (selo) that is two hours away. In our last meeting we asked if we could visit her and her family out there, and she said that she would ask. So this Saturday we may be out there. =D We hope to get the whole family involved so that they can come to church together. Still trying to figure out how they can all come. I love you all and hope that you have a great week. 

З любов (With Love)
Сестра Граф

It's Snowing!