Monday, October 27, 2014

Rivne Week 7!-- July 27, 2014

   So Last week I didn't get a chance to tell you all, but we had transfers! And I am no longer going to be with Sister Shylina, :(  instead I am still in Rivne with Sister Barnes, :) from Oregon, She was in the same MTC District as me so things have been going Fantastic!. In my last week with Sister Shylina we met this one woman who had been a former investigator back in 2006. Sad/funny story about her and her copy of the Book of Mormon. So she loves to read and has a large library of books and she will let neighbors and friends borrow them, well one of her neighbors borrowed a few books, one of them being The Book of Mormon, and then The Neighbor moved without returning the book. When we heard that It was like "Oh NO HOW COULD SHE! but also YES SOMEONE STOLE A BOOK OF MORMON!" Anywho we gave her another copy and then a week later sister Barnes and I went back and She was at ALMA 40!!!!!! SO AMAZING!!!!!! So there are people in this part of the world that are prepared to feast upon the words of Christ!
   On another note next week my P-day next week will be on Tuesday in Armenia...Yes it has been that long, it's been about a year and if I want to continue being a missionary here in Ukraine I must obtain a new Visa. Also we have a layover in Kyiv so there will also be a short pit stop at the Temple in Kyiv. To say the least I am Uber excited! People are progressing and I get to be here to help them along the way. I may never see someone all the way through the steps, but I am grateful that i was here to help them in this part of the journey.
Till next week in Armenia,
Сестра Граф

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