Monday, October 27, 2014

Rivne- Week 16!-- October 6, 2014

Hey Everybody! Hope that you all had a great time watching General Conference! I still have not had the opportunity to see it yet, but this Saturday and Sunday we will get to see the broadcast in Ukrainian!
Anywho this week was great! I didn't get a chance to send a big email last week because we were running to go and catch a bus to Khmel'nits'ky for Exchanges with the sister's there. It was very fun and a few more exchanges that expected. The first day I was with Sister Tsimbal again and it was great to fall back into our companionship again. (For those of you who may have forgotten, she was my little Ukrainian from back in Luts'k.) And I must say that it was simply wonderful! Just being able to be there with her again! We had a lesson planned but then it fell through. However in Khmelnitsky they have Young Women's! So since the sisters there are the YW President and counselor we planned Mutual. Super fun time and the girls brought there friends too! Honestly an awesome time! Then the next day the Sister Training Leaders had to go to L'viv with the District Leader Trio, and since President Didn't want the other sisters to be alone in Khmelnitsky alone we stayed and did exchanges with them as well. It was great, First i was with Sister Wind, who was also my companion for 3 days in Luts'k before sister Tsimbal came. That was great! There was this one member that we went and visited and it was a wonderful thought from the Liahona and she loved it! in the middle of the lesson though we got a call from President Magayga The Khmelnistky branch president Telling us that we had to be at the church in 30 minuets! So we quick called the sisters and all met up at the church and got there in time for some people to come and do some sort of Remont stuff. Then we got a call from The visa clerk Lubamere because sister Henrichsen had to go and get registered. She had been with sister Barnes And had a meeting set up with one of the people that Sister Barnes had taught a year ago when she served in Khmelnitsky, order for them to still be able to have that meeting we pulled a quick switcharoo and I ended up wit sister Henrichsen (another former companion from Luts'k) and sister Barnes and Wind set off. We were at this point still waiting on the Remont people and when they finally finished we got another call from Lubamere telling us that it was too late and that she would have to do her registration the next day. So...this left us with something of a dilemma because our former plans had fallen through, so we were messing around with the piano truing to figure out what to do, when what do you know Some guy wanders in and asked where the free English practice was. We told him that it was the next day. As he was leaving He picked up a Book of Mormon and said, "Can I have this" Our answer, "Um...yeah if you want, we have lots," Him "For free?" us "Yeah" then he left. Probably should have given more of an introduction, but we were more amazed at the fact that he had found his way to the Church! For those of you who don't know The church is renting in a football stadium on the second floor, and in order to get to the entrance you have to go through these doors, see picture below, and then you are given the option of going up or down the stairs. Go up because if you go down you will find yourself, well...not in the church, to be blunt it would be the Tarrentino Bar, Lets just say they are looking for a new location. Anywho needless to say I was surprised that he found the church in the first place. and we were able to get his number to pass along to the elders, so that's good.
Then we finally got back to Rivne on Friday in the afternoon, and things are going great! Last week we met this family that helped us when we were trying to find this one address. They were very nice and invited us over when we got back. So Yesterday night we went over to find their place but got lost, so we called them to ask for help in finding them. They were so glad that we called, they were even afraid that we weren't coming because we had gotten lost and were running late. They were able to help us get unlost and we had a wonderful meeting! and they Want to meet again and learn more about the church! This is such an amazing miracle that we were able to see. I am grateful that the Lord has trusted us enough to let us help them!
I love you all to Ukraine and Back again!
З Любовю
Сестра Граф

1. Me and sister Tsimbal in front of the door in Khmelnistky
2. ME Sister Henrichsen and Wind
3. More sweeping for Mormon helping hands

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