Monday, October 27, 2014

Armenia- Week 1

Armenia- Week 1
August 11, 2014
Hey Everyone! I'm Back from Armenia Safe and Sound! YAY!

Such a Crazy week. We woke up at 3:30 AM to get to the Airport and catch our plane to Kyiv. It was a good flight. And then we got to wait For our plane from Kyiv to Yerevan, Armenia. When we finally got in and then in bed it was about 1:00 in the Morning. Since we were let into Armenia on a tourist Visa we couldn't wear out tags and talk about the church, But That was okay because I don't think that anyone would have understood us since they Don't know Ukrainian. Just Armenian and some not to good Russian. I was So glad that it wasn't just me and that there were others there as well. But everything was good and we were able to do lots of Service. Mostly Weeding and Leveling ground, Hard but fun! Super glad to be back in a country where I actually know the Language and can communicate with the people there. I'm Going to be in L'viv the Next week while my Companion does her Visa Trip this week, But Next week I should be back in Rivne the lovely city I'm supposed to be Serving in. Till then,

Քույր Գրաֆ

PS: So that Says "Love Sister Graff" in Armenian, and it is pronounced, "Ser, K’uyr Graff"

ALSO: I'm including this link to a wonderful talk by Elder Holland about Christ. I know it's not Easter, but I just loved it, so here you go. "None Were With Him"

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