Wednesday, March 26, 2014

L'Viv Week 16!-- December 16, 2013

Hi All!

Things are going well This week was kind of crazy. Our sink was
leaking so when our land lady came to get the rent money we told her
about that. It was all good and she sent a Meister over to us on
Friday night to see what he would need to fix it. So the Elders had to
come over, since we are not allowed to be alone. He ended up trying to
fix it that night, but didn't have time. So that night we went without
water. Then on Saturday he came back and another set of Elders came to
'babysit' us. For some reason someone thought that it would be a good
idea to encase our water pipes in cement, so they had to saw through
that, and there were sparks flying. Crazy! I had lost my camera
charger, so was not able to take any pictures, but I will steal some
from the elders. But all was good because then that night I was able to
find it. It was at the other sisters' place! Super funny. 
Also the lights in our study room are out and there is something wrong with
the wiring so that is going to be fixed today by a different Meister.
Yay! We no longer will have to do all of our studies in the kitchen!
With all of this going on we have been able to really organize and go
through the area book

Сестра Граф

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