This week has been amazing!

The First of January was crazy, after studies we went out to get our food for the week, because it was our P-Day, it was also as you all know, New Years Day. When we got outside, it was a Ghost Town. And none of the stores opened till 2:00 PM. Super crazy. We had a very fun P-Day though, after Sister Olds got into Ivano-Frankivs'k from her Visa trip to Bulgaria we were allowed to watch the film 17 Miracles.

Last Sunday we went over to Walking Street to meet with a referral. We had been told that she was more of one to go to and just give a small spiritual thought to. So we met her and it was a normal meeting, when it was time to go Sister Barnes was getting up and dropped her Book of Mormon. She then asked what it was and she wanted it! We've been meeting with her ever since. We'll go to her where she works, and teach her there, and some of her co-workers have sat in on the lessons and Including her we this week we got 4 new investigators! SO AWESOME!!!! She came too our Friday night activity and our Saturday night Sports night with her Husband. 

We invited her to Church on Sunday, but when Sacrament Meeting started they were not there. =(.........But.....then we got a call from them and they said that they were running late and wanted to know if they could still come. We told them OF COURSE! She and her husband got there at the very end of sacrament Meeting with their little five year-old boy. So Cute! They Stayed for the rest of the meetings and it was wonderful! She said that she wanted to come back. When they left she took with her the this past conference edition of the Liahona. We then got a call from her this morning saying that she had read ALL of it and that she loved it! So amazing that she read all of it in less that 24 hours! and the Conference edition too! I am so happy for her and can hardly wait until we can meet with her again after Christmas.

Also in contacting I was able to give out a copy of The Book of Mormon! SO HAPPY

Love you all so much I can't tell you.
Сесра Граф