Sunday, August 4, 2013

June 25 2013-- Week 1

Week 1-- June 25, 2013
Hi everyone!!!!!
   This week has gone by so fast. I don't even know where to start.
   Well its my P-Day today, Tuesday. I am in a trio companionship just like Sister Graff, who knew? There names are CECTPA Charles and CECTPA Faber. CECTPA is sister in Ukrainian, pronounced "sestra".  There are 11 people in my district and we are all sisters going to L'viv Ukraine, and of course we all arrived June 19th!! The first day was so crazy, (Meg why didn't you tell me), I got into class and I think that the teacher only spoke to us in english 5 times! The rest was in Ukrainian. So crazy!
   I now know how to pray in Ukrainian, and I am working on my testimony. On friday we taught our first lesson!! And it was in Ukrainian no less!!! Even though I could hardly understand what I was saying I somehow was able to relate to our investagator, Mikola, about Joseph Smith, even though we had not been taught anything about that yet. The spirit has been so strong since then in each lesson that we teach. I can hardly wait till tomorrow when we teach him our fourth lesson. We will be asking him to be baptized.
   I saw McKay the first day at dinner, but I didn't have my camera with me so I will try to catch him again for that picture. However I didn't see Michael until Saturday and I did have my camera so I got a picture with him. I also saw Briar that day as well, and got a picture with her. It was so great to see them all.
   Sunday my companion CECTPA Faber was not feeling well and was not able to go to the broadcast. However the front office told me and CECTPA Charles to go to it so I was able to go. Meghan were you wearing red? I was farther back and didn't get to see the faces on the screen as well but I thought of you bunches.
I love and miss you all so much!! Don't forget to write me!!
P.S. I got the package and loved it!!!

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